Choosing green is one way which we can fulfill our mandate as stewards of God’s creation:

  • The congregation purchases electricity from Bull Frog Power.
  • We use fair-trade coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolate. Occasionally, we have a fair-trade sales table after the service.
  • We recycle, and discourage the use of bottled water.
  • The congregation received a Green Church award from the Diocese of Ottawa in 2001.

Green Church
Based on a green audit of the church, we’ve created a to-do list of church-care projects. These tasks are low-hanging fruit—simple but effective things we can do ourselves—that will help keep Ascension accessible, sustainable, and safe. 

Ascension’s green audit was made possible by the Creation Matters Sub-Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, the Greening Sacred Spaces program, and the Ottawa Community Foundation.